Sunday, 19 July 2009

Joo Mmm Joo Daaaaa??

When we were younger my Grandad Lee used to shout that out at us, to which we would then reply:
"...Joo Daaaahh!!!".

To a 10yr old, that was just a bunch of fun sounds that our hyperactive grandpa used to make. It wasn't until much, much later that I finally figured out that its actually Hakka shouted in his gravelly style with a very country-inflection:
"做唔做到??" "...做到!!!"

Which essentially translates to:
"Can you do it??" "...Yes I can!!!"

The man was egging us on even when we weren't even realising it...

Grandad Lau showed me the value of family, Grandma Lau showed me the importance of honesty and independance. Grandad Lee has shown me how an open spirit can touch so many lives, and that you're never too old to be young. I still tell the story of him paragliding in the Bahamas at 70yrs old every chance I get, I don't care if you've already heard it before!

You can bet that right now, he's up there showing them just how to party properly with a brandy in hand and cooking the most perfect fried chicken ever. I'm gonna miss them.

I'm gonna miss his great, great laughter. (^^)

Ah Jiaa Goong, nga diu fuoi gin ngaa hoi chi Ju Daaaaahhh laa. Ahh-meeeee! =)