Thursday, 5 January 2012

Episode 1: A Stream of Consciousness.

And so it begins. The story starts here, with him, sitting in another person's apartment, laptop sitting in his lap, gently irradiating his netherbits.

He was not a good writer, an apparent over-enthusiastic use of commas and a mentality that can only think in straight lines does not a great novelist make.

But this is his project. The rest of the world be damned.

Suddenly, ninjas-

...No, too soon. "You can't blow your load in the very first episode." He thought, "There's gotta be some kinda build up, an element of world-building. Literary foreplay, if you will."

As he sat there, reading the words he had just written, he hoped the fact that it had been a total of 366 days since he had last had sex would not be too obvious in his writing.


The year had started off whimsically for the man, equal parts bittersweet, equal parts nonsensical, equal parts awesome. For lack of a better reason than; he wanted to be with Happy People - the man spent the first minutes of the new year playing video games and watching for non-existent fireworks over a harbour from the balcony of a five star hotel.

It was a pretty good night.

The first few days of the new year filled up quickly with all-too-brief meetings and catchups with friends and family from all over the world who by some cosmic serendipity had all happened to be in the same general geographical location at the same time in the same reality. *breathe*

"Perhaps, it is better like this." He thought, "It's always fun catching up, all of the hugs, none of the inevitable lethargy."

"No." Intoned his internal monologue voice. He waited for a reason, but none was given.

"Stupid, obtuse subconscious." Bounced his impulsive voice. "At least spit out a flowchart or something."

As the man sat on the plane on the third day of the new year, he contemplated the messy tail-end of the previous year. Another story for a another episode (the inevitable flashback special). At twelve thousand metres in the air he wondered what kind of new beginnings this fresh, new year could bring.

"First kisses." Squeaked the voice of his little man. "Lots and lots of first kisses."