Monday, 22 June 2009

Everytime. Wow.

I know that really, it's the facebook b-day alert doing its thing, and that I've done this twice already in the past two years, but that doesn't stop each time being something, simply, awesomely, amazing...

I think I'll make this the last time I make a post like this since I can't be riding this wave forever. Mainly coz nx year I'll probably screendumping my twitter page or something... (See what I did there? Mwhehehe... ;)

But really, I'll make this the last time and I'll save future self-affirmations-of-finally-gaining-acceptance for my own private usage from now on. (^_^)b

The entry into my ninth year of being 19years old was marked by possibly the most number times I'd been truly surprised in one week.

- The first, well thats private.

- The second, would be the surprise song and tiramisu cake my workmates pulled on me at the school (damn you Amber... again!). Which really shouldn't have been a surprise considering we do it to all the teachers every birthday... but it really does seem to work... every time! (¬_¬) And that tiramisu was so freakin' tasty too!

- And the third, would be the Paintball II: The Second Ballage event that I setup together with Rich and Jenn. I originally thought maybe around 15ppl would come, 20 if we were lucky...
Here's who we got on the day:

37ppl. Seriously. Everytime. Amazing. =)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hilarity Ensues

Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration... I present: Cousin Albert... =)