Friday, 12 October 2012

Remember This Moment.

Right now, at this very point in time...

- I have a job that I love, that I'm recognisably good at.
- My health is on the right side of average, all my bits are in the right place and nothing is falling off.
- I have an incredible network of friends and family, literally all over the world. They are never far away.
- I am financially solvent, a world apart from the state of affairs only half a year ago.
- I am completely debt free, apart from that owed to my ever-underrated parents.
- I am completely independent, my decisions are all mine - I accept all inputs and yet I get to have the final say.
- I have completely accepted my past, all its peaks and troughs, there is no longer truly any part that I regret.
- I have a great idea of where I want to go, and even more excited that I can't see the path.
- My wants and desires all fall into the "great to have, but fine without" box.
- I've learnt to throw away the "want so badly, it makes me sad that I am without" trap.
- I've learnt to embrace all my ambitions, ranging from...
..the frivolous... [a hammock]
..the next logical step... [a fridge]
..the not-too distant future... [a self-sustaining business]
..the roadmap... [a teahouse empire. a world-class team. a treehouse]

Right now, at this very point in time...
..I am exactly where I want to be.
..I am exactly where I choose to be.
..I am exactly, purely, utterly...
..happy. peace.