Monday, 31 December 2007

So that was 2007...

...if 2006 was all about "new beginnings", then ummm... 2007 might go something more like "lets just chuck the book out the window and go bonkers".

So 2007 for me, in no particular order:
- Started off on a bridge in Osaka with a bunch of friends
- Went to the Ghibli Museum for the first time ver
- Did a lot of izzy-kaya-ing...
- Did a looooooooooot of izzy-kaya-ing
- Went to my first open air festival
- Saw some amazing sunrises, from my Abiko apartment. *sniff*
- Had my first joint-birthday party with somebody that wasn't my sister.
- Went bowling more than a few times...
- Got to teach the cutest classes ever. (EVER! I don't care what you say Shireen)
- Ate some good food.
- Ate some gooooooooooooooooooooood food.
- Watched another yet cousin get married. Guess who's next in line? (>_<)
- Missed my best mate get married in Germany (>_<)
- Flew Business Class for the first time ever.
- Went to Korea for the first time ever
- Went to China for the first time ever.
- Went to Germany for the first time ever anyways.
- Went to Hong Kong for the sixth time ever.
- Gonna be on TV! Woo! (^_^)
- Travelled around Japan on the best roadtrip ever.
- Visited Initial D Mecca
- Went snowboarding for the first time ever.
- Went snowboarding for the second time ever.
- Moved outta Japan
- Became truly nomadic
- Made some incredible new friends.
- Met some with some really ancient old friends.
- Played Cranium. Oh how I've missed the Annual Cranium Challenge.

A year condensed into 58pics... surprisingly not so easy...

As for 2008? Same as every year, have no expectations, love everything, stay alive.

Happy New Year everyone. =)

Saturday, 29 December 2007

This One's For You, Newton ♥

For my New Years Resolution I'm gonna...

...go to a gym! ...and do some of that exercise..thing.... With sweat! And everything! Reguarly!


Friday, 21 December 2007

An Unfortunate Set of Initials

Cousin Albert walked in today and these were his exact words:

"What good Vin Diesel films are there?
I fancy getting some VD on tonite..."

Its nice to be home. (^_^)

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Remixing Life, Facebook Style.

The people I've known through the years can be defined quite clearly via the stages they've come in in my life - family, primary school, secondary school, college, uni, DL, work, Japan, etc. In the past, I've been strangely apprehensive about keeping my groups separate from each other, probably coz I tend to have different faces for different people (Hey, I am Gemini after all... =)

But in recent years, I've found myself flipping 180 and actually encouraging my groups to mix... esp. in Japan when all sorts of friends and family were coming out to visit, I loved getting them in with my Japan friends and watching the interactions.

For all of my moving away from England and running from my past business - I've probably met more people from more varied stages in my life in the past few months than any other time in history... I said goodbye to my Japan friends, then I went to see my new Shanghai friends, then I went to Hong Kong and where I stayed with a friend from my college days, at the same time meeting up with a few DLers and then coming home to find that my old best friend from primary school actually works with some of my old workmates from my Starbucks days... (O_o)

The world is pretty tiny and shrinking all the time. And as for getting the groups to intermingle? I guess its what happens when a person finally gets more comfortable in their own skin. Look ma! I'm growing up! (^_^)


Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Fond Memories...

Since meeting up with the family again both in HK and England, my diet has suddenly been reintroduced to all the great dishes that I've missed in the past 2yrs... home cooked meals, super-oily-chinese food goodness, real steaks! *dribble dribble*

And in a chain of events that is only natural for nature when somebody eats more meat than they've been accustomed to... I'm reminded of this little rhyme I heard when I was younger...

Here I sit, brokenhearted,
Tried to [poo], but only farted.

Good times. =)

Sunday, 9 December 2007


What the hell?! When did Mcds become green?! (O.o)

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Home For The Holidays...

This is awesome:

Anyways... its that eternal dilemma -> when I actually have time to sit down and write a blog... I don't really have anything to blog about... and when I actually have things to write about... I don't have time to write about it... (¬_¬)

Damn you! Irony!!!

Which is where my camera comes in... (^_^)

Shanghai was amazing... again...

And ever since I started going to Hong Kong by myself... I'm discovering something new every time I go back... for example this time, I discovered that the Whampoa bowling alley serve really good tuna toasty sandwiches... (^_^)



In other news... it only took me 3.5yrs... but I'm coming to the end of my first ever diary...

Kinda fitting really... =)