Monday, 31 August 2009

On This Day...

...exactly two years ago I had officially left my position in Japan and was preparing for what would become the most eventfully random coupla months in my life...

In contrast in the same temporal point in Tokyo where I was planning my exit strategy... in Taipei I'm still very much contemplating signing on to stay just. one. more. year... (heh!)

10 mini-observations:

1. Japan has massaging toilets. You just can't argue with massaging toilets.
2. Taipei has spontaneity, oh my days does it have spontaneity.
3. Japan has snow. And snowboarding, oh my days do I miss the snowboarding.
4. Taipei has the most ridiculously welcomingly open event calendar ever.
5. Japan drives on the correct side of the road, and some damn fine roads they are too.
6. Taipei has an efficient transport system that doesn't cost you half your salary to use.
7. Japan has Akihabara.
8. Taipei is in a country where literally any part of itself is just a weekend trip away.
9. Japan has cars, real cars with real gearboxes.
10. Taipei has real people with real emotions.

...and I've still got Korea to get through yet... =)