Sunday, 25 February 2007

Adrenaline Junkie: Aftermath

So I'm aching all over... I've got bruises in vital places that's maybe not so convenient... ie: My left buttcheek. Out group came back shattered, battered and baring battle scars with one member nursing a broken wrist.

But after this one experience of complete noobie snowboarding, I can pretty much say for definite that it really goes straight into second place of my most favouritist sports ever... just behind go karting. And Only Just. And people know how much I love my karting...

Heh... All the best sports for me are the ones that leave you breathless and aching afterwards... which you don't realise that you're breathless and aching till afterwards.

I'm not good with football, running, swimming and all your regular sports coz when I start getting tired (and I do get tired reeeaaaally quickly) I become very aware of my shocking level of unfitty abilityness and it quickly stops being fun.

But with activities like boarding, karting, dancing (inc. Horizontal Mambo), badminton, climbing... you're having so much fun playing about that you don't realise that you're also making your body do actual physical exertion... which is something I am usually adamantly against. You're tricking your body into working out without your brain realising it...

Its a stealth workout!

Anyways, pictures be here.

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