Saturday, 3 February 2007

Hello Again, My Old Friend.

So I stopped blogging for a bit a coupla months back for a coupla reasons... nothing really all that major though - had an overdue project that I really needed to get stuck in on, the mahooossive high of last summer led to a pretty big low period and my posts were getting dangerously emo-licious... ¬_¬

Couldn't have that happening... So I stopped.

... ... ...

ANYWAYS, we're a month into 2007 now... and I'm still here. Go figure. =.=

I'll catch you guys up on me New Years adventures some other time, gonna write about something Carmen helped made me notice about my time here over the past year.

Carmen is an old friend from my pre-DL days, hadn't seen her in something like 4yrs and back then though we didn't actually chat that many times, I do remember that when we did chat... we actually did have some decently pretty intelligent conversations. O_o

Cool thing is that that hasn't changed in our absence ^_^

Anyways she was telling me how she was really enjoying her life back in London, she's carving her own groove and she's making a good living - and while she does enjoy travelling around. She's always thankful to return home and touch base. She asked me if I ever felt that; having been out here for so long now. I mean I left a pretty good life back home, I was living comfortably, didn't need to worry about rent or too many bills, I had a good high-paying job with career prospects and a ridiculous amount of freedom, I had my car, I always had my friends around me and everything was just... right. :)

It was terrifying - it was like my life was over at 23yrs old. =.=

Since the very first week I moved out here, people have been asking me whether I missed home at all... and I could always answer them with 100% truthiness that I really, really, didn't - The only things that I did miss were my car, my family and my friends (in that order =D ). I always told them that all I needed to do to be happy was to bring the people over here to where I am. Which is kinda what happened in 2006 - speaking to Carmen I realised that she was capping off a really really lucky year: Hehe... Lessee...

Emma Seayin was the first to come in March... *smooches*
then my Mum came in April for her birthday...
Thavy Funksta popped over for a bit in July... *met the most girls*
Lewis came in August... *craziest party weekend*
Cousin Gas wrapped up his world tour with a quick week here a coupla weeks after Lewis...
then the notorious Hamsupjai himself Ken Gor came in early December and terrorised Tokyo... *winky*
and finally Carmen came over late December to celebrate New Years with me.

Missing home? Lonely? What reason do I have to feel lonely?

Hehe! *smug*

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Anthony said...

Hey Brian...... I see you just couldn't get away from blogging!!

Welcome back to the virtual diaryroom!

See yas!

p/s: Me & Helen are in HK for 2 weeks in Nov and contemplating jetting over to Japan for a few days.... will let you know!