Sunday, 18 March 2007


Been covering family tree's in a coupla classes lately, and I finally managed to count the number of cousins I have - 19! And they're still breeding too... with the latest one having only just arrived this January. 19 cousins is pretty average for a chinese family - but from what I gathered from speaking to others, what makes my family a bit more special (^_^) is the fact that we all actually know each other. We all grew up pretty close to each other and my best childhood memories are of those with the extended brats. Cranium Dream Team baby.

So just for the hell of it, I feel like making a list, in family order...

Michelle, Debbie, Albert, Simon, Silas, Sidney, (Brian, Shireen, Ethan I), Katie, Ken, BB Samantha, Christian, Gavin, Alice, Cindy, Rise, Joe, Bill, Annabel, Thomas, Ethan II...


Its also been about 10yrs since I got my first job, so I'm gonna make another list... in chronological order here are all the real job titles I've ever held...

Network Support Technician, Systems Troubleshooter, Assembly Engineer, 1st Line Technical Support, Sales Assistant, Factory Worker, Onsite Support Technician, Ticket Vendor, Screen Cleaner, Concessions Vendor, Flash Site Developer, Barista, Helpdesk Engineer, Website Developer, Website Manager, Systems Programmer, IT Developer, English Teacher.

...I think I might have commitment issues. (¬_¬)

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