Thursday, 29 March 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Its weird... a chance meeting with an old face while waiting for Carmen at Narita Airport a coupla months back sparked a series of events - which in turn led to a really old face from me college days messaging me again last night. It had been a good 2-3yrs since we last talked properly.

We ended up chatting solid for like 5hrs about old times and everything in between... it was like nothing had changed at all. We remember the same events, the same friends, still have the same ideas and talk the same way [...INIT!...]. It was pretty sweet actually - he had wanted to say something all this time but didn't know how (Mainly coz my first response went along the reply of "Hey! You shagged my ex ya bastard! =รพ" [Keke! Actually I had no ill-feeling towards the guy at all, it was a good tension breaker and also nice to spank that elephant out of the room as early as poss.]), but once that was over with, it was fantastic to be able to chat to my best mate from back in the day again. (^_^)

Actually its not all that weird. The guts of the oddness comes from the fact that this is just the latest in a bunch of lil things happening where my past lives are slowly catching up to my latest most current life... it had never happened like this before where I'm so... aware of it happening. Weird to explain.

Facebook is another catalyst where old faces started popping up again, almost to the point where we were recreating our old AsianAvenue posts... (I'm looking at you... Lumpy Lun Pei... (¬_¬)

In the past I used to prefer to keep my groups separate coz... actually I dunno why... I think coz I used to have different faces for different people... I was less secure about people finding out about the "other" sides of me. For lordy knows what reason.

But now, I'm actually enjoying mixing up the groups and intro-ing people from the different walks to each other - my Jappy people being the most "lucky" *sniggers* - having met at least one person from almost every part of the life of Brian.

Is this a sign of me finally becoming comfy with myself?
Am I really gaining some self-confidence??
Am I really... growing up???
*shudders* (O_o)

Oh btw... my best mate from way back when?
Ed's always been pretty talented. =)

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