Wednesday, 11 April 2007

And they say there are no more great ideas left...

Well this is pure genius... a hamster-powered paper shredder - where the paper automagically becomes bedding for the hamster cage.

It's genius not coz it requires no batteries, nor that it combines two of the most fascinatingly hypnotic processes in the world into one uber-package... but coz its also inherently a Ninja-deterrent.

Think about it: Why are you shredding papers? Coz you don't want anyone to see your privatey things on those papers... but we've all seen those shows where they still take those shreddings and gleefully reassemble the bits like some giant jigsaw. With this thing however... you'll be adding that extra 'glob' of difficulty by covering the shreddings in hamster poop. This thing is so simple, yet it has layers people... layers.

Oh and the designers name? Tom Ballhatchet. Pure, pure greatness. =)

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