Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Muchness of hectic things. Downtime welcome.

Stealing this from the deliciousness that is Emma and coz I haven't done one of these poncey bloggy quiz things for a while...

Fun is most important in your life.
Having a high focus on fun indicates that you value your own enjoyment over anything else. And there is nothing wrong with that. Your motto is we're here for a good time - not a long time.

Life Piechart - QuizGalaxy.com

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Yin-emma said...

haha..I could have told you that FUN was the most important thing in your life (as it currently is; however this might change in the future, you never know). Fun outdoes LOVE by 10% and family by 5%; corr!
Hey, was nice talking to you; was very suprised it was you though! At first thought it was some stalker (yea, I still get those deep breathing calls, haha!)but when I heard more I could tell it was you, calling me whilst in the shower, oops, I mean, on the train. look forward to my next call next year/when I have a baby ¬_¬