Friday, 29 June 2007

Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?

When German Chris told me that he was gonna be in Korea in the week I was to have a holiday from work. There was no way I was gonna pass up a chance to see my best mate from Starbucks again after 18months... hell I even pushed back a hot date this week in order to be able to pop over the Eastern Sea in time - I missed the fool THAT much! (>_<)

He's going over to plan his wedding. Chris and Yoona have been together for as long as I've known them. And as long as I've known them, they've always been practically married anyways. And coz of that, I've always teased them about how when they do, they're doomed etc. etc. Now normally when I tease a person about something, they get defensive - that kinda reaction is usually due to some truth in what I'm teasing about and therefore taps into the insecurity circuits. I do it coz I'm mean and cruel like that. (O.-)

But when I poke fun at Chris's commitment to Yoona he doesn't get awkward or defensive at all. He takes it and tells me about the life they're gonna have together and his plans and hopes for the future.

It's his conviction and his honesty in all his statements that tell me how I know the man is not afraid at all. At 24 years old, he know's exactly what he has, and how lucky he is to have it. None of this dreamy "I *heart* her 4ever" stuff - 'tis The Real Thing, warts and all.

And that, to me, is amazing. Chris told me once that he knew he and Yoona were Meant To Be coz of all the random things in the world that had to have happened to get them together. His family had moved from Germany to England for his father's job. They have since moved back to Germany but Chris stayed behind. Yoona had moved from Korea to England to study. They both happened to work part time at Burger King... of all places... and the rest is history.

Its amazing to me coz while I can definitely see the scope of a love story in the making that spans 3 countries across 2 continents... my logical-assed brain can't help but point out that actually, this kinda thing is not all that uncommon. Million-to-one chances happen everyday, and coz of this, I no longer get amazed by it. One of the drawbacks of having a goddamn-logical-assed brain is that it refuses to accept the magic. Grrr...

I'm one of those sods that needs to know and experience all the options. Chris isn't, and while admittedly he started his life a bit earlier than me, he still has this purity in his decisions that I still can't achieve. In the 5yrs I've known him there's never been any doubt in him about the path he and Yoona are walking together. That's faith.

And that makes him one of the bravest luckiest sonafabitches I know.

Love ya buddy! Cya in Germany, September!

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