Sunday, 15 July 2007

I Control The Weather

<emo-esque bullshit>

Its not an uncommon idea that the weather affects our moods. I mean a sunny day will lift spirits and a gloomy day can often mean a glum face. Apart from those freaks who are cheery all the bloody time. I hate those people.

But sometimes in times of heightened emotion its like we really can affect the weather to reflect our state. When I set up an outing a coupla months ago it rained every day that week up until the actual event itself... where the then clouds parted and the sun shone right through. That was a pretty good day. When I met up with Chris & Yoona in Korea, the wet season was supposed to have started the day I arrived. What actually happened was that it was brilliantly sunny every day I was there up until the morning I left. I then saw the first raindrops after I had said goodbye to my friends and got on the bus to the airport.

However behind all these fronts, there has been a massive low pressure building up quietly quietly softly softly... Its been reported that a typhoon is currently heading in the Tokyo direction.

And if anything's gonna make it hit, its gonna be me.

</emo-esque bullshit>

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