Wednesday, 14 November 2007

34hrs left...

Wooooh... this really is my last last last day and a bit left of Japan... thats it... not coming back this time.

Feels good this time, I've done everything I wanted to do, met up with everyone one last time, visited my old schools, said bye to my kids properly, had too many farewell dinners and the roadtrip was a brilliant cherry to top off a crazy 2yrs.

The friends I've made, the trips we went on and the stuff we did together... wouldn't change a thing. Fricken' aces. I love you all. (^_^) Shaddup.

You know what else I'll miss? The toilets.
The wonderful, clean, self-cleaning, jet-powered, butt caressing toilets.

Unrelated Edit: Kevin "Alias" Weissman AND Rachel "OC" Bilson on the latest Chuck?!? I just nerdgasmed. \(^.^)/

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