Sunday, 16 December 2007

Remixing Life, Facebook Style.

The people I've known through the years can be defined quite clearly via the stages they've come in in my life - family, primary school, secondary school, college, uni, DL, work, Japan, etc. In the past, I've been strangely apprehensive about keeping my groups separate from each other, probably coz I tend to have different faces for different people (Hey, I am Gemini after all... =)

But in recent years, I've found myself flipping 180 and actually encouraging my groups to mix... esp. in Japan when all sorts of friends and family were coming out to visit, I loved getting them in with my Japan friends and watching the interactions.

For all of my moving away from England and running from my past business - I've probably met more people from more varied stages in my life in the past few months than any other time in history... I said goodbye to my Japan friends, then I went to see my new Shanghai friends, then I went to Hong Kong and where I stayed with a friend from my college days, at the same time meeting up with a few DLers and then coming home to find that my old best friend from primary school actually works with some of my old workmates from my Starbucks days... (O_o)

The world is pretty tiny and shrinking all the time. And as for getting the groups to intermingle? I guess its what happens when a person finally gets more comfortable in their own skin. Look ma! I'm growing up! (^_^)


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