Saturday, 2 February 2008

Universal Constants: Missed Demographics & Poo Humour Transcends Translation

What was already established in Japan has now to be turned out to be also the case in Taiwan:

I'm befafflingly popular with kids under 10, and middle-aged housewives. Yet it's just that bit in the middle where it all goes eeeehh..... (O.-)

Hehe I'd be set if I was into older women... and adultery... or was just a pedo...

..Wait wha...? (O.O)

In other news, met a kindergarden teacher the other day with easily the

Three things:
- 1. Those are dung beetles.
- 2. There's a page that features a sloth with constipation.
- 3. There's a page that features a lion with the runs.

Everything is illustrated. In full colour. With different shades and everything.

Taiwan kids get a much fuller education than a person might expect... (^_^)

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