Thursday, 13 March 2008

Aint It Just The Way.

(A quick NB: If you know me at all, then you'll know that the following subject is an entire world apart from the one I live in. But sometimes, Shit Happens.)

After living for 2yrs with the restrained civility of Japan and not seeing a single fist raised in anger...

Its a lil bemusing to acknowledge that I've been here just over 2months and have already witnessed as many machismo-hissyfits in as many months. Both times over the most stupidest of reasons - [And ain't that just always the case]. And both times started by complete surprise as the first swing always comes outta nowhere while everyone else was just chatting happy.

While it does take a special kinda stupidity to start a ruck over an accidental [and unknowingly!] spilt drink - I did find myself thinking afterwards that maybe men in general probably need this kinda testorative display of territorial grunty outburst every now and then. Maybe even more so in Asian guys.

One thing I did notice about Japan, was that although society values over there in general is extremely well structured and definitely designed to benefit all. The cracks tend to show up with the crimes, when they do happen, leaning more to the bizarre and twisted side. Over here it just comes down to good old fashioned slappy violence.

The other thing is that it really does allow you to find out where your most base tendencies truly lie:
Fight or Flight?

I've found that I fall in the category that sticks around and steps in between, making sure no harm comes to friends, while staying as invisible as possible until that inevitable announcement of;

"You guys get outta here, he's calling his friends out!"

Ahh, that never gets old. Bloody hell. (=.=)

So Fight or Flight...? Whichever one that Protect What Matters And Then Flee Together Like Crazy falls under.

I'm so damn happy that thats how I am. Coz I'm too pretty to be hit. (^^)v

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