Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Walked back into my room after my shower tonite and just had the urge to snap the bunch of electronics on my desk. Coz they all looked so sweet and innocent, just sitting there, feeling all content and loved.......... What?!

Every one of these bits of kit are completely necessary... without which my travels over the years woulda completely different without the distraction of the headphones, the memories from the cameras, the contacts on the phone, the archive/contact/need for the laptop.

And even though I'm likely to forget my own sister's birthday (it's the same day as mine). I always seem to remember exactly where and when I got each of my babies from:

The phone from Dad's office, England, 2007. The camera from Akihabara, Japan, 2007. The laptop from online, England, 2005. The glasses from Whampoa, Hong Kong, 2004. The PSP from Mong Kok, Hong Kong, 2004.

And the camera I took this pic with? The one I refer to as my "Big Camera"? The one which still takes better pictures than my other much newer "Hentai Camera the Second"? Why this baby is from Best Buy, Cleveland Ohio, America, August, 2001.

If you're gonna hoard anything... might as well make it cool, shiny things. (^_^)

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Newtronics said...

The "Big Camera" which I also recall taking with me to Hong Kong, Korea and many various events around Japan.

Shame you don't have a picture of your "Hentai Camera the First", we have many good memories with that thing.