Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Fatman Fitness Fad Dilemma.

When I first went to Japan 2yrs ago my trousers were sized between 34 and 36inches and they were a decent fit. The Japanese staple of ramen and riceballs meant that over the next 2yrs, my waistband went veerrrrrry gradually to a slightly less husky 32/34inches.

Didn't really notice it, just meant I had to pull my belts a lil tighter, but I could still wear the same jeans and trousers I always wore.

Then I went back to England for a month... hehe! The homecooked meals, the epic family dinners, the constant berating of "Waahhh! You've gone too skinny! Eat more! Eat more la!!!" from my brilliant family. A month is all it took to get me back to my healthy glowy 35inches for Taiwan. (^^)

What I didn't expect was how much more active my life here would be..: at least one clubnight every weekend (a bit more than I'm used to, but not too surprising), an hour at the gym every weeknight after work (still OMGWTFBBQROFFLEROFFLEO_o surprising. Seriously. Its weird). Suddenly my trousers are beginning to look like something out of a Weight Watchers advert. Eek.

And therein lies the dilemma: Knowing how much my belly likes its food, and not knowing whether this fitness malarky is just a phase or something I'll be able to keep doing for a while yet - Do I now buy 30/32inch trousers at the risk of popping the buttons in a few months, or do I stick with me 34inchers and carry on folding the waistband over like I'm still wearing hand-me-downs from my mum?

Talk about a question that I never would've expected I'd have to ask myself... Heh. (O_o)

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