Thursday, 3 April 2008

Xanga. Memoria.

Strolling through my old xanga rambles, I'd forgotten that I had actually uploaded some pretty nifty albums over the years. For example, even though I have this pic on my phone - seeing it again in hi-res really hits home that I was really there, on Mount Fuji, at 4am and getting to the summit just in time to meet sunrise.

But it was a moment 2hrs before we reached the top, where I took one of my most favourite pics ever - with a 30sec exposure time and flare threatening from the moon - it's one of the few pics I have that I never needed to touch with Photoshop. Bar the resize.

I'm might have to re-upload some of these to facebook, coz there were some amazing moments tucked away here and there.

Starting with this album right here.
3 years in 30 pics... Remind me to do it again in 2009. ;)

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