Saturday, 29 November 2008

Kiddie Wishes for Xmas

My school has been getting the kids to write their xmas wishes on cards and hanging them up around the halls lately...

There's a lil bit of the typical, a lil bit of the innocent, a lil bit of the beautiful, a few of the amazing, a might too many Wii's and PSP's... (tho I have both... *cough* *cough*)

...all honest though. (^_^)


Anonymous said...

why do two of the kids want PS2s? bit old skool init?


edmond said...

i wonder if amy (fanny's friend) wrote they she will be a good friend to amy. haha thats pretty sweet

Anonymous said...

lol thats what i was thinking, a ps2???? cute tho
hows it going mr president?
been a long time, how is things going? wheres ur next destination?

siew ap