Thursday, 21 May 2009


The pace of life out here means that I'm constantly having to think 10steps ahead in pretty much every aspect of life... this is especially easy for those of us who have good time-management and organisational skillz. Those lucky bastards... (¬_¬)

The problem here is that by always focussing on step 10, I find myself rushing through life a lil bit faster than most and then I'll occasionally forget that steps 2, 5 and 7 are not always foregone conclusions. Which kinda messes things up. These past 10days I've definitely messed things up.


Guess I was due for a good cockup around this point anyways. There're always my trusty psuedo-cliche philosophies to fallback to... in this case:

Perceptively Nutz, Addendum A:
"Within every failure is a lesson/opportunity to be gleaned."

The results of my goddamn impatience led to an illuminating insight into a personality which had previously baffled me before, with very little chance of a resolution. I got my answer from that case so suddenly and unexpectedly that I almost missed it in the whoosh.

It's a shame though, coz it woulda been a pretty fun journey to discover the answer the long traditional way. But of course, I apparently have a pretty "special" way of looking at things. Can't really expect everyone I meet to get that.. =)

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