Sunday, 17 June 2007

謝謝你的愛 (^_^)v

Today I enter my 7th year in a row of turning 19years old. Must be some kinda record...

Actually I just wanted to post up a bunch of pics which show just how much people love me... use the one day I'm legitimately allowed to bask in the glow of my own self-awesome-ness. Hee! (^_^)b

So this is what my lil brother sent me...

Although why is it that Shireen gets the one with the heart in it?? (¬_¬)

Facebook is crazy - with old skeletons coming outta nowhere and bringing out deep-dark-long-buried-traumatic-childhood-memories back into the glaring light of consciousness. *whimpers*
On the other hand, it does make for a pretty cool looking Wall-view. I mean there're names from my primary school, secondary school, college, uni, as well as a bunch of my old different jobs in the past, oh and family, all in one place saying Happy Birthday to Me Me Me!!!

And this is just Facebook... there's also the emails, letters, etc...
Woohoo! I guess I'm doing something right then eh? *gloat gloat gloat*

Thanks Everyone!
*I rock!* (^____^)

(Tomorrow, the Self-Depreciating-Snarktastic-Brian shoves the Narcissistic-Egomaniac-Brian back into his hole and normal service resumes.)

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