Friday, 4 June 2010

#155: Natch, We're All Stardust Anyways.

I enjoy being the observer, especially when it comes to late-night discussions. For me, the topic is often irrelevant. For me, the interest comes from the insight gained in seeing a myriad of alternative perspectives coming together at their most raw level.

Late-night conversations are my favourites because it's when people are at their most honest, everything tends to come out unfiltered - for some people this might mean no change at all, for others they'll find words they never knew they had in them.

What this means is that everybody is on the same, base plane of discussion. And the spark generated on this level playing field is always fascinating.

I believe in a great many things:
- I believe that all moral arguments can be argued backwards to a common point of insignificance.
- I believe that the point is not whether both parties can agree on each other's points, it's whether they can agree on where the line can be drawn.
- I believe that in the end, the line is unimportant.
- I believe that after given a valid amount of thought, to have no standing either way on a topic, is a valid opinion in itself.
- I believe that it's not always necessary to stand on one side of the line or the other. Coz; What line?
- I believe that all self-aware humans are fundamentally selfish.
- I believe that this is not a mutually negative or positive thing.
- I believe that while the appalling and horrific things that people have done for selfish reasons are kinda obvious. People have also achieved incredible acts of kindness, charity and social marvels for selfish reasons.
- I believe Selfish -> Self-Serving -> Self-Preservation -> Zoom Out -> Foundation Of Society.
- I understand that people need to hold strongly to their beliefs. Just like how I hold strongly to mine.
- I don't believe that you need to agree with how I believe.
- I don't believe that I need to agree with how you believe.

- I believe that I'm pretty bad at verbalising my thoughts.
- I believe that all these beliefs make me a pretty bad late-night conversationalist.
- I believe that's probably why I try not to open my mouth too much.
- I believe it's also possible that I don't know what I'm talking about.


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