Sunday, 13 June 2010

#164: Mr Brightside.

I was let down by quite a few people today.

Though it wasn't unexpected; what with the combination of the weather being it's usual cheerful weekend self (¬_¬), and some World Cup game ending at 4am the night before...

But when your own friends aren't able to show up to an event that had been specially rescheduled to suit their situations... yet the pub landlords who were actually hosting one such World Cup party themselves are still able to turn up - I know it's not personal, but still a lil hard not to feel just a bit of a slap in the face.

Anyways. Woosah.

Despite the heaven's best efforts to dump half the Pacific on our heads we still managed to have a wickedly manic wet and dirty day out in the woods. (^^)

Paintballing is one of those sports where if you don't immediately get it - just wait a game or two and then it'll click. I think that happened for a few newbies today... =D

Everyone needs to experience that "Ahh Just Fudge It And Have Fun" attitude, at least once in their life. If only to know that it exists, or just to serve as a reminder that it's there.

The day did also hold more than a few surprises - along with that ever-so-tasty-shaving-cream birthday cake served up by The Marshmallow... (Vengeance will be mine missy! Just you wait, sleep with one eye open... (-.O) )

Another great surprise was the participation of the father of one Jelly BooBoo, aka The Great Papa BooBoo. An unassuming fellow of a seniority that suggests at least twice the median age of our motley crew. This man, however, displayed an energy that I'd only previously seen before in my own Grandad Lee. That he was easily able to match us shot for shot along the front lines AND stayed with us all the way up to the very last game (of which only the most hardcore are willing to take part) - shows me once more that there really is no such thing as "Too Old For This..."

These are the people who make me say, "Daddy, if I grow up, I wanna be just like them!"

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