Tuesday, 22 June 2010

#173: Amending The Plan. Revision XLVII.

One day, I will finally get over myself and learn that I should always trust my initial gut feeling.

All the biggest and best events in my life have stemmied from silly irrational impulse decisions, from choosing which college to go to, to the relationships I've had, to which countries I've been to.

My dad once taught me that when driving, if I'm gonna perform a manoeuvre - once I start, I'm committed - I should never hesitate. Whether my Dad really is some kinda genius sage of Great Allegorical Life Lessons, or just handing out some general road safety advice - the lesson stuck. And it applies, everywhere.

All the missed opportunities I've experienced and witnessed have been because I second guessed myself, my hesitations often cost me dear.

And as such; from a random comment in the teachers room today - I'm amending that fluidic dictate that is The Plan.

It has always been my intention to switch life focus after I pass a certain age (way, way, way in the distant future). The flip will go from No-Holds-Barred-Relativistic-Freedom, to All-Out-Money.

After all, I still want eight kids and a car just for the weekend.

The first step just became clearer: After Argentina, I'm gonna do my final teaching gig in Saudi Arabia.

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