Friday, 25 June 2010

#176: Friction Is Good.

Had two sets of newbie teachers observe two of my classes this week. The first set saw my most difficult class with the dysfunctional brats, the second set saw my best class where I can't fail - everything just works with the lil hyperactive angels.

Somehow, I think the first set of teachers got the better deal in seeing just how not to control a buncha bratty bullies. At one point I berated a kid for giving attitude to another kid, when he protested that he didn't actually say anything - I responded by saying, "Yeah, but your face? Not good".

Ahh, ever the role model.

The second teacher just saw me have a ton of fun with a class of geniuses, all of whom already knew where everything was and how everything went. I didn't need to explain any rules or games or even tell them what to do. We just launched from point to point to point, laughing at every step.

What's a newbie teacher gonna do with that?!

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