Wednesday, 7 July 2010

#188: Think Big.

In my life so far, I've met a few people whom I'd consider 'successful', whether financially, socially, spiritually or just plain attitude-ly. More than anything else, what separates these people from the rest is scope.

That is - they never seem to be limited in their visions of their relative areas of perceived success. They just seem to think bigger than everyone else. Why aim for sky when you can go way, waaaaay beyond?

The sky is merely what you can see. There's a lot more stuff behind that big bluey thingy.

There are those who would reject an idea or a concept for the most worthless of reasons, like pride and principle. Even laziness would be a more valid reasoning. Even worse would actual complete lack of consideration at all, these are the people who need to stay away from me.

Think bigger, what's there to be scared of? Fear is just adrenaline fuel. Rowr.

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