Friday, 9 July 2010

#190: "It's Not That Simple."

Over the years, that's probably the phrase I get thrown at me most often when talking to friends about their shippy issues.

If they're smart, I'll reply, "It's only ever as complicated as you make it."

If they're smart and stubborn, I'll reply, "YES IT IS!"

If they're stupid, I would've already turned and walked in the other direction.

To me, things really are just that simple, it all comes down to what you're unwilling to let go of. People really do hold on to a lot of crap.

It's a shame that it seems like the majority of the world fail to realise that as long as they keep a grip on the core truth and shake off everything else... they'll gain a brief moment of clarity. Just before all that crap settles back around again.

Only this time they'll have gained that bit of extra perspective.
Usually it'll be all they'd need.

*shake shake*

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