Friday, 27 August 2010

#239: Own The World.

Think of a time, or a place, or a time and a place where you're most yourself.

Where you're at the best of your core, where the world can't touch you, where every slip is a fortune on the other side.

Everyone has a place, or a time, don't lie to yourself. That's important.

Think to that point, peel back the extraneousities, go right into the very essence of that feeling that made you then so, shiny.

Make it tangible, make it real, bring it out, don't bury it.

And then forget about it.

Coz like breathing, it only works properly when you're not thinking about it.

And like breathing, all you really need to know that it's always there, innate, just working for you in the background.

I'm not there yet, but I can't be far off.

I just made up the word extraneousities after all. ;)

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