Sunday, 5 September 2010

#248: 4years, 8months and 5days.

Or 1709days.
Otherwise known as 244weeks and a day.
Which could also be 4.68years.

Though effectively that's 1221 weekdays. (Thanks Wolfram Alpha, you scary irreverent data crunching beast you.)

That's how long I will have been with my current company.
Tomorrow will be the first day of my final week with them.

Through all the experiences I've heard from my fellow teachers over the years on how they feel about the company, both positive and negative; I gotta say - they've treated me well in my time with them.
Of course there were times when it coulda been better, but there were many more times when it coulda been a lot lot worse.

From the newbie teacher way back then to this jaded bastard writing this now, I really cannot complain about the path I've taken. Thanks guys. =)

Looking back on my old blog 1709days ago reveals musings on boobs and miniskirts shortly after I settled into Japan.

Haven't grown that much then. Good!

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