Thursday, 9 September 2010

#252: Worldbuilding.

It's often overlooked - so much so that I have to remind myself every so often. Something about the best success stories I've seen, read and heard about in the world.

Should be noted that I'm talking about a very specific type of success here tho - the kind in which produces what is regarded as the best of whatever their chosen product or service is. Whether it be the self-made millionaires, the most (commericially) successful movie makers, the best restaurants, the top business firms etc.

In other words, the 'obvious' kinda success.

Anyways. The one common thread I've noticed throughout - is not what is often written about the figurehead's force of personality, or the long history of the company, or even the plain blind luck these entities went through to get to where they stand today.

Instead, the formula seems pretty simple. Blatently obvious even: These companies and the people within them tend to be made up of the very best personnel that the world has to offer. Whatever your definition of "the world" may be. The clincher is that they absolutely will not settle for second best.

Sounds so easy - if you want your enterprise to do well, surround yourself with people who are the best at what they do. Take no substitutes, accept nothing less, cut loose any dead weight on sight. After all, you wanna be the one setting the bar, not one of the ones aiming for it.

This whole post is pretty redundant. But I'm writing it for myself. I'm gonna be starting my own business one day. Of that much I'm sure.

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