Wednesday, 15 September 2010

#258: For The Greater Ease.

Along with being a functional procrastinator, I'm also quite a lazy person.

Actually I'm an incredibly lazy person.

However I'm an incredibly lazy person cursed with an aptitude for foresight.

What this means is that I often find myself taking steps into ensuring my laziness for future events.

What actually happens is that I'll expend more effort in my preparations than if I had actually just gone through with doing whatever I was trying to avoid itself.

I once constructed an entire system of ropes and pulleys out of LEGO around my bedroom so that I could open and close the door from my bed. Took weeks of building, testing, revising and fine tuning before I got it opening the door just so.

The door was one metre from my bed. The Goonies had a big effect on me.

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