Tuesday, 9 November 2010

#312: Yes, That's Right. Slower.

Got my new phone in the post today.

While it's always exciting to get new toys - there's something to be said about the anticipation before the big reveal, so I deliberately took my time in opening the (surprisingly small) box.

Lifting out the magic slab first, I set it to one side. There would be plenty of time to handle that piece of equipment later...

I then carefully took out the various bits of paper, flicked through them, and threw them back into the box, never to be opened again.

Instead of ripping through the accessories like a kid on the Eve of Christmas, I took out a pair of scissors and neatly, gently, delicately, sliced out the little bags holding:
- The headphones, which I'll never use.
- The earbuds, which I dutifully lopped on the headphones that I'll never use.
- The usb cable, which went promptly into my backpack.
- The comically fancy usb charger, which I'll probably occasionally use.

Only after I'd packed all the unnecessary paraphernalia back into the box and set it to one side did I pick up the phone again.

Slowly peeling away the protective wrapping, teasing all the buttons, savouring especially that wicked Z-hinge action.

Then I plugged it in and went about typing this review up for the next 15minutes.

I haven't even switched it on yet.

Yeah baby, you know you like it like that. Purrrrrrrrrrr~~~~~

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