Friday, 12 November 2010

#315: But I wanted 2m 45s...

I guess I could be called a pretty techy person. I've got the Masters in IT to show for it.

I have family members calling me from literally across the world whenever they have computery issues.

I've made programs that are used by tens(!) of people all across... Chile(!!).

I knew how to program most VCRs(!!!) by the time I was 10.

I know how to use the functionality in most pieces of household electronics the way they were designed, and even more in ways they weren't.

Yet, for the life of me...

...I can't figure out how to get into the timer function of our microwave.

I'm fine if I ever want to slow roast a chicken or burn a bowl of rice via the presets. I can use the one-touch cook to heat everything in 30second increments.

The little button with the little clock on it, is used to set the clock.

This microwave has out-evolved me.


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