Thursday, 18 November 2010

#321: Layers.

I bought this graphic novel when I was in San Francisco back in 2001.

The story was so dense that I never made it past the first 100pages. The anime, itself a phenomenal and complex piece of work, barely scratches on the level of detail that the author imbues into every aspect of his story. He has the whole political structure of his fictional future planned out, every little anecdote his characters use have their own footnotes explaining the backstory... behind the anecdotes! He even puts in notes of scenes that were intended, but never drawn because, "it was too much of a hassle".

Nine years on and with an inadvertent better understanding of the Japanese mentality, I find this book once more and for the first time I make it past 100pages.

...struggling with pages 110+ though... (>.<)

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