Monday, 20 December 2010

#353: μ ≈ 0.5

In the past three days in the middle of the coldest and harshest winter Britain has known for the past 30years, I've driven a total of 627.2miles.

That's four trips to the airport and two trips between London and Ipswich.

In a car with a busted traction control.

Some tips for driving on ice:
- Look at where you want your car to be, not where your car is heading.
- Brake early, much earlier than you might expect. However early you might think that might be, brake earlier than that.
- Never, ever assume that the other drivers on the road are in complete control of their own cars.
- Above all, keep everything smooth and progressive. Absolutely No. Sudden. Movements.

It's brilliant! I'm loving it! \(^.^)/

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