Sunday, 2 January 2011

i) A Whole New World.

Wahay! I kept up at least two and a half of my resolutions from 2010!

Decided to do something abit different (and at the same time a bit more cliché) for 2011.

Writing at least a sentence a day turned out to take up quite a bit more time and effort on some days than sensible...

So this time, I'm gonna post up one photo a day. Not a new idea, but hey, should be quicker to get through at the end of the day.

Brian Likes Big Booms.

I've given a coupla conditions for myself:
1. The photo must be taken by me.
2. The photo must be taken on the day of the blog.
3. I am allowed to photoshop the hell out of the pic if I wanna.
4. I will write one caption underneath each photo.
5. That caption will only ever indirectly describe what's happening in the picture.


As for the half - three sessions of Wii Fit counts as "the gym". Yup, works for me.

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