Friday, 22 July 2011

ccii) Whip It Real Good.

These cheap-arse SkullCandy phones don't even come close to replacing my beloved and already much-missed Sennheisers.
But time, budget and the fact that the only shop I could find in Santiago that actually stocks Sennheiser headphones are charging silly-money for them means I must Make. Do.

Experience has taught me that such flimsy support of the wire near the jack will not do.
Again, Sennheiser knows how it should be done.

Electrical tape will eventually slip, and without any heatshrink handy,
I turned to the one who has always provided the answers I seek in my times of need;
"What Would MacGuyver Do?"

All it takes is a length of nylon cord, and a rope technique I learnt in Scouts, called "Whipping".

No, really.


The whole point is to allow the wire to produce a gentle curve instead of a sharp kink when it's in your pocket.
An inch ought to do it.

Use teeth to pull the locking loop into the winds, trim off the ends with a pair of nail-clippers.

Make it pretty.

That black bit where the cord jumps from the jack casing to the headphone cable began to bug...

So I gave it another layer of whip.

If anything is worth doing properly, it's worth properly overdoing.

All in all, about 2metres of cord was used to protect this inch of cable.

Who woulda thought that Pioneers Badge I earnt all those years ago would still be so useful today?!

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