Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Guaranteed to chop your head in 10minutes. No waiting.

I just got a flyer in my postbox about a new 1000yen (a fiver) barbershop that is opening near my apartment - its gonna use the ticketing system thats already pretty popular with noodle restaurants here in Japan - you buy a ticket with your order out of a vending machine at the door of the place, and then just hand it over when you go in and they'll serve up whatever's on the ticket, pretty efficient for business and especially nifty if you don't wanna talk to anybody and/or can't speak the native tongue.

Applying this to a barbershop is a brilliant idea, and 1000yen is almost as cheap as when I used to get my haircut when I was 15yrs old! (^_^)

Just one thing...

I'm not sure what kinda message they're trying to send... when the free gift they're attaching with the flyer are a pair of Band-Aid Ribbon-Aid plasters... (O_o)

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