Sunday, 24 June 2007

Goodies! IV

One of my sweetest school managers gave me this really classy bag of goodies yesterday for my birthday.

Can ya guess what it is yet?!

I guess I really am pretty well cared for out here.

It's probably one of the fanciest wrapped bag of exotic groceries I've ever seen in my life; Camembert cheese, tinned fruit salad and beef jerky... Oh yeaaaa - I'm not too sure what kinda diet she thinks I have, but it's uncanny that she got all my essential food groups covered....... =P

And finally, I made two impulse buys this weekend... remember that R/C Ding Dong copter I passed in a toy shop last week?

...that was Impulse #2.....

1 comment:

Newtronics said...

WTF, you bought it and never told me!? I am coming over to play with it now! . . .