Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Know Your Audience...

Dad also came to visit last week, and since Fathers Day is just around the corner (And the fact that this is the first time most of the family has been together in one place in a year and a half) - my sister and I decided to take the man out to a nice meal in a nice restaurant.

We took him to this place which served Kobe Beef - as in the beef where the cows are fed beer and massaged and all that jazz. The past customers of the restaurant we went to; includes a coupla American Presidents, and the Japanese Prime Minister. So it was pretty swish. Actually it was fricken amazing. The food, the setting, the staff, the clientele, the price.

We looked at my Dad at the end of the meal and he was all "It was good, but nothing special, my BBQ steaks are just as nice" Hehe! He wouldn't be Dad any other way.

The next day, we happened to pass a 100yen store (The Japan equivalent of Poundland, except at current exchange its more like 40p-land) and the man popped in and got ridiculously excited at the fact that you can buy pocket-umbrella's for 40p... He started going on about how he's gonna buy loads, one for the car, one for work, one for home(?!) I dunno.


We shoulda known: Take the man to a privileged restaurant where very few people in the world will get to see and experienced and he'll think "Meh".
Show him something perfectly ordinary but at bulk-prices and he'll dance a jig.

Our Dad is Chinese after all. (^_^)

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