Thursday, 7 June 2007


The Downshift:

The ball of the right foot pushes down on the brake pedal firmly but not harshly. Just before the speedo bleeds down enough, two things will happen simultaneously. The left foot moves onto the clutch and starts to disengage the drive from the wheels. Meanwhile, the right foot will pivot about its contact point with the brake pedal - the foot adjusting itself so that either its heel, or any point along its right side can make contact with the face of the accelerator.

During this right foot wiggling about action, the required braking pressure is never disrupted. When the clutch reaches the floor, the left hand notches the gear one down. Once gear is in place, again, two things will happen simultaneously. The left foot immediately begins to raise up, while the right foot - still keeping correct pressure on the brakes - does a tap on the accelerator, blipping up the revs in the engine.

Instinct born out of experience times the two actions so that the clutch connects the wheels back with the engine at the precise point when the revs match the rotation of the wheels. The car doesn't even shudder. The braking speed is reached, the left foot is fully off the clutch, the right foot lets go of the brake, and goes back on the accelerator. The revs never leave the powerband.

All of the above takes place in under two seconds.

Holy gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd I miss my car! (>___<)

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