Monday, 20 August 2007


There's a lot to be said about self-fulfilling prophecies - the idea that if you are absolutely certain about how you think something is gonna happen... then inevitably, you'll end up doing all sorts of little and big things to make sure that that fate you're sure about comes about to fruition for real.

And thats whats been plaguing me these past 20months... I kept predicting my own lil personal dooms all over the place, and by and large they'd all come true pretty much exactly as I had described them (^_^)v ...fueling that sadistic part of my ego and gathering momentum for whatever the next big prediction was... Heh... It was great... Coz I was never wrong... (=.=)

And then I changed my perspective.

My situation hadn't changed, just the way I looked at things. Which then led to a subtle change in attitude, which in turn led to an even subtler change in impulse filtering. Which then led to completely different set of actions being taken than normal... something that hadn't been needed in a long long time. And was much missed when it was brought blinking back out of the shadows. (-.O)

Ohhhhh they're still as sweet as I remember... (^_^)

I dedicate this post to The Newt and The Lot - coz where they are now, is where I've been hanging around for the past few fun-filled months... and I've finally figured out how to start digging myself out of it. I'm not saying its an easy thing to do, but it can't hurt to start early and try. Sometimes it'll take something drastic to flick that switch... like leaving the country for good, and then realising that you really are leaving the country for good. (>_<) But other times, it takes just a nudge from a friend who's been there, and who doesn't wanna see the same thing happen to the people he cares about.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this:

You change your perspective a little, you can flip your attitude alot.
You do that, you'll change your life.


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