Tuesday, 4 September 2007

If You're Gonna Do Anything...

...Do It Properly... (And With Style ;)

Monday morning with 4hrs sleep I leave my Japan apartment...

Arrive at the airport just a tad late and make it to the boarding gate with 10mins to spare...

Plans to sleep on the plane are scuppered when I'm sat between to the sweetest old lady from Okinawa, who insisted on telling me all about her group tour... in Japanese. And for some goddang coindedinky reason - a Shane student from Tennodai (dammit... can't seem to get away from them... (@_@) )

I jump off the 11hr flight with no sleep and a busting bladder (Plane toilets scare me - those things could suck you into the centre of the universe if you have an arse large enough to form a perfect seal and you're not too careful (¬_¬) )

The first thing I do after stepping back on UK soil for the first time in 20months? I ask for the keys to mum's car... (^______^)

Ohhh it feels sooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood to drive a manual shifter again.


Anyways... enough of that, 2 Things:

- RIP to The Wong Wagon. (_ _)
- Albert has Stranglehold... and its TEQUILA TIME BABYYYY!!!

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