Monday, 10 September 2007

Playing Catchup.

So since coming back I've...

- Caught up with the family like no time had ever passed.
- Caught up with a bunch of old friends, both planned and unexpected.
- Flew to Germany on BA Business Class (thanks to the everlastingly-lovely LumLum (^_^)
- Flew back the next morning on RyanAir (thanks to delayed nuptials and funny BA ticketing rules)
- Watched yet another cousin get married
- Went to 1.5 ByeBye Parties in one night (CARMEN!!!!!)
- Started planning the Annual Chan-Lau-Li-Wong Xmas LAN Party for December...

I have pics, wanna see some pics?

Saying hello to some old friends.

The D&D Wedding. You know... the next cousin in line after Debs is... err... (>_<)

Larking about with the wedding hotel flood lights turned out something surprisingly cool.

In reality, I came all the way back to the UK just to go to Carmen's ByeBye party... no seriously, I did... (-.0)

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