Saturday, 29 September 2007


I was only in China for 14 days, and yet there's a few quirks I picked up there that I'm still finding hard to shake off..:

- The idea that traffic rules are just a set of guidelines really... I'm still constantly looking out for stray bikes, stray taxi's and stray chickens whenever crossing the streets here.

- That toilets are essentially BYO Loo Roll... although its probably a good thing that I'm always checking that there is enough paper before locking the door now. A life lesson learnt in China is that loo roll is not something to be taken for granted dammit!

Although having said that... I have never appreciated my magical butt-spraying-jetstream-washing-cheek-massaging toilet in my apartment more than that first night back in Japan... Ahhhhhhhh....

Bliss. (^_^)

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