Monday, 31 May 2010

#151: Grumble Pie.

Everybody needs a good whinge every now and then, the cathartic effect is obvious and often much needed. As the people around me (and especially the various managers I've had over the years... =) will know very well - I'll bitch and moan with the best of them, it's in our very nature!

The difference between the occasional grouch and an insufferable old fart, however, is the step taken after the gripe. All that energy that went into the wail has got to lead somewhere, otherwise it's just a useless load of noise.
For example, don't like your job? Quit.
Can't quit? Take steps to make your job better.
Don't like your family? Move out.
Can't move out? Make peace.
Can't make peace? Run away.
Don't like your relationship? End it.
Can't end it? Stop being a wimp.
Don't like your life? Change it.
Can't change it? You're not trying hard enough.
Think you're already trying as hard as you can? Try harder.

If you're grumbling then it's coz you're not happy about something.
If you're not happy about something then there's always something you can do, without fail.

I absolutely refuse to believe that there is ever no choice. It's all down to what you're willing to accept to make those choices available. If you don't/can't/won't take the steps to open new doors - then you only get to complain about the same thing to the same person three times. After that you're gonna have to find somebody new to yammer to, coz unless you've shown that you're actually trying to course-correct - that first person will have stopped listening after the second time. What do you expect them to do? You can't help someone who's unwilling to help themselves.

Hungry? Go make a sandwich.
Don't know how to make a sandwich? Learn.

Oooh... the view is quite nice from way up here. Door's always open. =D

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