Tuesday, 1 June 2010

#152: ♪說到就做到...

Of the few morals that I do live by, this would have to be one of the ones that I adhere strongest to.

No idea why, just seems right that if I say I'm gonna do something - then I owe it to whomever I'm talking to; to carry it out. Otherwise I'm losing trustworthy points, and I'm not exactly rich - so I'll take whatever credit I can get. (^^)v

Since I'm usually talking to myself, then really I live to this so that I can live with myself. It all balances out ya see.

As a carryover though, it means I tend to lose respect very quickly for those who consistently fail to follow through... like very, VERY quickly. Erk. =/

Sheesh, on reading that back - Where did people get this impression that I was laidback?! (O_o)

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